8: Knowing Your History is Power

On this “Back to School” episode, Yvette and Cynthia discuss affirmative action, the case Plyler v. Doe, which ruled that Texas’ attempts to deny undocumented children access to K-12 public education was unconstitutional, and the recent Ethnic Studies win in Arizona. They debunk the myths surrounding affirmative action, break down 14th amendment jurisprudence, and emphasize the importance of Ethnic Studies for students of color. In lieu of our recommendations segment, we answer a listener email asking if we were too quick to chastise the white liberal woman whose parents voted for Trump. We hope you enjoy!

As a final FYI: This is our last episode until the month of October. We will be taking a break to travel and prepare for school. Please look out for our upcoming “chiquitasode”- a mini-episode where we share more about ourselves and our journeys to higher education.

Thanks to @romobeats for the intro tune!

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Transition song: Ryan Little – Lucy’s Song

Deep Thoughts: White Affirmative Action

Some dope reads on the subject:

Case: Plyler v. Doe

You can find the opinion and a recording of oral argument at this Oyez page.

The wikipedia on California Proposition 187 aka “Save Our State” (major side eye at this) and the wikipedia on California Proposition 227, which eliminated bilingual classes (it was repealed last year).

Current Events: Arizona Ban of Ethnic Studies Found Unconstitutional

Here’s the court opinion which has some sweet T in it.

Informative read: “Federal Judge Finds Racism Behind Arizona Law Banning Ethnic Studies” via NPR’s All Things Considered

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