25: Reparations are Due

On the final episode of Cerebronas, Yvette and Cynthia announce their plans for the future, criticize the Supreme Court’s decision in Oliphant v. Suquamish, and express their fears over the criminal convictions of the No More Deaths volunteers. They reflect on their podcast journey, what sovereignty really means, and the implications of the global pattern of criminalization of humanitarian aid.

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Transition song: Ryan Little – Lucy’s Song

Yvette recommends the film Undeterred – see more about the film here!

Cynthia recommends a reading with @solaristhehiipriestess (see below)

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I recently Did a reading that was solely focused on Lilith for a client and I felt like it brought a lot of clarity and understanding to apart of her self that was trying to awaken. It made me realize that February is going up which brings Valentine’s Day where you are either super excited to share what your lover did for you or it’s a reminder of being single. Lilith is a major factor to understanding why you choose and are attracted the partners you choose and what kind of destruction and trauma can happen in this area of your life. Lilith is a wild spirit who loves to challenge whatever house she is in your chart. On #tarottuesday (feb 5) I plan on dedicating my time to do readings focusing on this area in particular !if you are interested I will have a sign up list. dm me so that your info will be ready for Tarot Tuesday. Wanted to share a little info Understanding and finding Lilith's position in your natal chart is very important. It can help you become aware of your "dark side" and bring self defeating patterns and unhealthy behavior to light In a man's chart, Lilith reveals the type of woman he fears and the type that can drive him over the edge, often to despair. For men , Lilith often indicates the area in which he'll have to deal with power issues with women. For example, in the 4th House it may mean he has an extremely domineering or just plain bitchy mother and/or wife. In the 10th House, he may have to deal with powerful women in his career. Lilith has a strong influence on synastry. Lilith in everyone's chart represents sexual passion. A Lilith-influenced relationship will be wild and untamed, just as she is. Those involved will have an incredibly strong sexual attraction to one another and nothing will keep them apart. Transits can do the same thing. Logic will absolutely not apply and nothing anyone tells them will have any effect on deterring the lovers unless they drag one or both of them off somewhere and lock them up until it passes. If the relationship was triggered by a transit #astrology #lilith #tarot #atx

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