21: Fundamental Fairness

On this episode, Yvette and Cynthia analyze Lassiter v. Department of Social Services, the case that held that counsel is not required for parental termination proceedings, criticize the Trump administration’s proposal to widen the definition of “public charge” for green card eligibility, and share the soft office skills they have learned as first generation professionals.

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Thanks to @romobeats for the intro tune!
Transition song: Ryan Little – Lucy’s Song

Case: Lassiter v. Department of Social Services

Read a summary of/full opinion on the case, listen to the oral arguments, and see who voted how at this link!

Current Event: Expansion of “Public Charge”

Here’s a resource on the change, what it means, and how to get involved by the Center for Law and Social Policy. If you’re into 400+ pages of policy proposal, you can read the full proposal here.

Colorlines article on the proposal: Trump Administration Plans to Restrict Green Cards for Immigrants Enrolled in Safety Net Programs by Catherine Lizette Gonzalez


Cynthia recommends Sister Spinster‘s products!
Yvette recommends bell hook’s Communion: the Female Search for Love.

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