20: Dystopian Future

In their return from summer break, Yvette and Cynthia process Yvette’s California Bar experience, celebrate Roe v. Wade and the right to an abortion, and bemoan Google’s decision to censor information in China. They note the money-making/major-scam side of the Bar, normalize abortions, and worry about the impacts of Google’s technology.

Thanks to @romobeats for the intro tune!
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Transition song: Ryan Little – Lucy’s Song

Case: Roe v. Wade


Read the case and hear the oral arguments here.
Here’s some history on Roe v. Wade.
Here’s an article on a woman’s illegal abortion prior to Roe v. Wade, which also explains the importance of the case: Women Share What Abortion Was Like Before Roe v. Wade: “I Was One of the Lucky Ones, I Survived” by Kaelyn Forde

Some more good reads:

Current Events: Google’s Project Dragonfly

Read here what’s happening: Leaked Documents Show Google is Making a Censored Search Engine for China by Daniel Oberhaus and Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal by Ryan Gallagher


Yvette recommends the book Genesis by Eduardo Galeano

Cynthia recommends castor oil for hair growth! See here for a hair recipe. I just use a coconut oil and olive oil blend!

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