Chiquitasode: A World Without ICE

In this episode, Yvette moderated a panel focused on the case to abolish ICE featuring Bianca Santos, an attorney at Pangea Legal Services, Clara Long from Human Rights Watch, and Yadira Sanchez, an activist from the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance. They discuss the history of ICE as an agency, how we can live towards a world without ICE, and the administration’s recent targeting of undocumented political activists.

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Bianca Santos, Pangea Legal Services

Growing up in an immigrant family and community, Bianca is dedicated to furthering the human rights of all migrants. Bianca joined Pangea in March 2014 after a year of volunteering with the organization. Prior to her work at Pangea, Bianca was the Program Director for the International Migrants Bill of Rights (IMBR) Initiative.  During her work with the IMBR Initiative, she led the revision of the IMBR text and commentaries, the drafting of an IMBR handbook, and the creation of indicators based on the IMBR.  The IMBR and accompanying materials are published in the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, Volume 28, Fall 2013.  Her work with the IMBR began in law school, where she worked with three international universities in an IMBR-focused conference in Geneva. Her commitment to the IMBR continues as she currently sits on the steering committee of the IMBR Initiative.  She received her undergraduate degree cum laude from Rice University (’05) and her law degree cum laude from Georgetown Law School (’11). Bianca is licensed to practice law in California.  She speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Clara Long, Human Rights Watch

Clara Long researches immigration and border policy with the US Program at Human Rights Watch. Prior to joining Human Rights Watch, she was a Teaching Fellow with the Stanford Law School International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic. Clara has researched and advocated for human rights in Bolivia, Brazil, Panama, and the United States, including litigation in the Inter-American system. She is the co-producer of an award-winning documentary, Border Stories, about perspectives on immigration enforcement from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. She has represented detained immigrants with the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, and covered Venezuela as a freelance journalist. Clara graduated with honors from Harvard Law School and holds Masters degrees from the London School of Economics in Environment and Development and from Stanford’s Graduate Program in Journalism. Long speaks Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Yadira Sanchez, California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance

Yadira Sanchez is a coordinator and organizer with the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance. She has long been personally and politically invested with Bay Area youth activism to stop unlawful deportations and curb the human rights abuses of ICE, including a highly publicized campaign to stop the deportation of her own grandfather at the hands of ICE. CIYJA is a state-wide alliance of immigrant, youth-led community organizations from San Diego to Sonoma County that aims to create solidarity amongst immigrant communities and work with other anti-enforcement and anti-criminalization movements across California. The organization seeks to establish progressive and diverse immigrant, youth-led organizing efforts in California through the development of community-based, undocumented immigrant youth organizations. CIYJA is invested in supporting educational organizing and advocacy efforts by the member organizations for the enhancement and improvement of the lives of immigrant youth and their families in California. Yadira has also been heavily involved in education, especially for undocumented and marginalized youth, and organizing for domestic workers’ rights.

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