18: Desperate to Get Away

On this episode, Cynthia and Yvette discuss the terrible prospects facing Henry – a teenager formerly involved with MS-13 now facing deportation after cooperating with the FBI. For the case segment, they dive into the facts of Scott v. Harris – the case that held that a police officer ramming into a vehicle during a car chase was not a violation of a constitutional right. They get into the doctrine of qualified immunity and share their recent experiences in Puerto Rico and Puebla, Mexico.

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Current Event: Henry’s Deportation

Read the in-depth story on Henry here: A Betrayal: The teenager told police all about his gang, MS-13. In return, he was slated for deportation and marked for death by Hannah Dreier. It also has a video interview with Henry. They’re both extremely well done.

If you understand Spanish, check out Radio Ambulante’s Postal de San Salvador to better understand the cotidian impacts on living in El Salvador, where gangs dominate society. They also have an English transcript of the episode on their site.

Here’s a good read on the origins of MS-13 and an overview of Trump’s uninformed opinions: What Trump Doesn’t Understand About MS-13 by J. Weston Phippen

Case: Scott v. Harris

Read the entire opinion and read a case summary here.

Here’s an article that goes over how the Court has used the “qualified immunity” doctrine to inform other cases: Supreme Court Sides with Police Office Who Shot Man in Car Chase by Adam Liptak

It’s difficult to watch but here’s Scott and Harris going over the car chase:


  • Yvette recommended the film Viajo Porque Preciso, Volto Porque te Amo. See the trailer below but note it’s in Portuguese
  • Cynthia recommended Queer Eye on Netflix. Trailer below too!

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